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~~Southern Comfort Flavored Gourmet Coffee- The lacing of our 100% Arabica beans with Southern Comfort flavoring results in a smooth, full bodied, completely civilized brew that will be appreciated both above and below the Mason-Dixie line.  The essence of Southern Hospitality.

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Liqueur Flavored Coffee

~~Tia Maria Flavored Gourmet Coffee - Delicate Tia Maria flavor blended with the finest coffee to create this enticing cup.  Light roasted coffee.

~~ Carolans Irish Cream Flavored Gourmet Coffee - The smoothness of the Carolans Irish Cream coffee comes from the delicate balance of carefully roasted 100% Arabica beans blended with a distinctive Irish Cream flavor.

~~ Frangelico Hazelnut Flavored Gourmet Coffee - This sumptuous blend mirrors the famed hazelnut flavorer liqueur.  The same taste sensations of flower and berry mysteriously found in Frangelico's secret formula.

~~Jack Daniels Flavored Gourmet Coffee - Only the choicest 100% Arabica beans are selected to be worthy of the Jack Daniel's name.  We combine a unique blend of coffees that enhance the flavor to its fullest.  The result - a rich, creamy, mellow cup of coffee.

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