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Are you a die-hard fan of Simcity Buildit Well, there are many people who are crazy about this game due to different reasons. This is a city building game which is available for various devices with multiplayer functions.  The game is all about constructing various buildings and also to place them in a right manner in order to make the citizens happy. Players can also connect the game with Facebook and Google play account to save the progress of the game. With the help of this, they can easily play the game anytime and also on any device without losing the progress. This will also allow you to visit the cities of other players and your friends to get bonuses and other gifts. You should try to make the city more beautiful for the citizens and also to give it your desired name.

General tips and tricks

There are many players who are struggling with different issues while playing the game. In this situation, they should choose the option of effective tips and tricks. With the help of this, they can complete the different challenges of the game without facing issues. Some essential tips for beginners are listed below

•             Players should spend in-game currency wisely for the essential purposes and this can help them to make progress in the game quickly and also in a simple manner. By doing simcity build it cheats, they can also easily tackle the difficult situations.

•             This is also important to make some strategies while placing the buildings in their city and you should always place the factories far from the residential zones to make the environment pollution free.

•             Players should also consider the option of the trading post and with the help of this, they can easily save their precious money while purchasing various materials or stuff from them. You can check out the trading posts by visiting the cities of other players.

•             The most important thing to make the citizens happy is to construct roads in the city which can connect everything. This is really convenient for the citizens to go one place to another and it also makes them happy. 

Moreover, there are many other general tips which players should keep in their mind while playing the game and with the help of this, they can perform efficiently. The above-mentioned tips can also help you to boost your performance and also to get more confidence to play the game.

Check happiness counter

You can also find a happiness counter on the screen on the left side and with the help of this you can check out the happiness of the citizens. If you want to know that your citizens are happy or not then it is important to check the color of the smiley face. The green color of the smiley face will show that the citizens are really happy and satisfied. If the color is not green then it means there are some problems which you should sort out quickly.