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Crowdstar Inc recently launched their simulation game Design Home. It is the best game to make own dream home. Lots of designs challenges are available in the game to improve your skills. You can also give a unique look to your home with the help of things. It also enhances your knowledge about designs which make your home beautiful. You can use it before making your new home because it provides you lots of ideas related to decoration.

Types of currencies-

When you buy a new thing for your hone, then you give the payment. As per in the game when you purchase a thing for decorate the home than pay a certain amount in virtual money and you can by getting Design Home Hack. In Design Home three types of essential currencies are available which is useful for buy lots of things.

  1. Dollars
  2. Diamonds
  3. Keys

These all are the various kinds of currencies in the game. Each coin is used for a different task and work. Here today we will tell you detail about the currencies in the game. Before playing the game, you should need to know about currencies detail.

  1. Dollars-

The dollars are the primary currency of Design Home. With the help of it, you are able to join the events. It means when you enter in the events then dollars are must require. In each event, different amounts are payable like in special events $1000 and in daily events $2500. Always use it wisely because it obtains very hard.

  1. Diamonds-

Diamonds are the premium and essential currency of the game. It is useful to purchase the lots of items like pictures, plants and other. You can also buy the furniture with the help of diamonds.  It earns to hard, but some ways like daily rewards and bonus make it possible. You cannot purchase from the online store so use it wisely and spend on useful items.

  1. Keys-

The keys are also a part of currencies, and it is useful to enter into the events. For example, if you want to enter into the daily event, then you need to pay 20 keys.


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