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Coffee is the most preferred liquid content everywhere and it has its own aroma and presence everywhere across the world. It is the most prestigious hot beverage cosumed in the world. In the south regions of India, like Karnataka and Kerala produces more of coffee beans. Coffee contributes to a largest extent to our country India. Government takes some important measures in order to increase the production of coffee.

 Government is imposing some important ban on the trade of coffee from other countries , which is a bad sign for not able to maintain proper relations with the other countries in terms of foreign collaboration and relations and it decided to ban the imports of coffee from other countries by the end of year 2022. Probably in order to reduce the balance of payments reason the government is doing such thing. Instead it will import more of tea to other countries and earn its share to cover some foreign payments. This is a positive sign towards development as well and to increase the foreign revenue in the banks with RBI.

 Expansion of planting of coffee in India would do lot more beneficial to India as well. Government is taking good initiatives in order to expand it’s region in terms of planting which is a good sign of improvement. The duty that needs to be paid on the machines were also being reduced and which makes easy for production and the machines can easily be imported from other countries at a lesser cost. The acquired cost will be less than the overall cost leading to profits as well for the producer.

 The producers can enter into tretaries and can make a formal agreement in terms of production with other states and can import what country needs by sending the same amount of coffee produced by taking what the country needs. These type of agreement develops both the countries in terms of needs and there will not be any problem regarding the balance of payments as well.

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