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If you are going to play The Sims FreePlay for the first time then you should know about some important things. Most of the beginners don’t know more about the game so it is not easy to play the game with ease. When you start playing the game then you will get a tutorial in the initial phase and by completing this, you can learn about the different aspects of the game. First of all, you should click on the green house icon that you can easily find in the game.  After this, you can create the first sim and then see the first home for your sim. Well, the game tutorial helps you to get an idea of the real gameplay and features. This can ease up your task and also help you to play the game with ease and also in a simple manner.

Learn some vital tips

As you all know that there are no instructions given at the beginning of the game for players so it becomes difficult for them to play the game without facing complications.  You should try to collect more and more information about the game before going to play it and this can help you to perform effectively and also to eliminate lots of issues. You should complete the tutorial first otherwise you can’t understand the gameplay and other elements related to the real game. After completing the tutorial, you can easily handle the difficult stages present in the game and also able to get desired success within the short time period. You should also know about the other features of the game that allow you to customize the look of sims and also many other things. You can also easily check out your progress in the game that helps you to take next steps carefully.

About in-game currencies

There are numerous currencies present in the game that you can earn by playing the game. This game hasn’t multiplayer features so you don’t need to compete against the other players which are also good. You just need to concentrate on your performance and also try to boost it to make progress faster. In addition to this, it is also important for the players to earn enough resources so that they can complete all tasks and challenges with ease. Simoleons are the main currency of the game that players can acquire in numerous ways. Lifestyle points are the premium currency and players can use it to speed up some of the specific actions in the game. After this, there is also one more currency present which is called as social points. Players can earn this currency only by completing the social tasks, with https://star-trans.net/ and also get this in the form of rewards during the community and live events.  

Moreover, there are many players who don’t have enough currency in the game and this is the reason that they are spending their real-life money to acquire unlimited currencies in the game with the help of in-game purchases.