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The game we are thinking about is the world most trending game among others. Boxing Star is the best source to utilize your spare time. To become perfect in it, one should play it regularly on a daily basis. The game considers different types of in-game currency. The currency in the game plays a very important role as it helps in buying and upgrading various items.

Uses and Types of In-game currency

Boxing Star contains different types of currency which are used most in the game. Following are three types of in-game currencies and their uses –

Coins – As from the name, coins are used to upgrade gears, skills and so many other things which are essential. These are also earned by completing the league mode. It can be earned by watching video advertisements, playing more matches and also by unlocking various slots, etc. Coins are earned by completing the daily challenges and objectives.

Gold – It is used to open the premium boxes. God is used to buying the golden gloves and upgrade skills and abilities of your character. Users can also use the gold in purchasing various types of battle suits. It can be earned by completing daily objectives and challenges. The gold is also earned by leveling up and by wins the more and more fights or rounds. The gold is awarded to the users when they invite their friends on Facebook, and the gamers also buy the gold with the help of real-life money.

S-coins – These coins are earned only by completing more and more achievements. The more and more you complete the achievements or with Boxing Star Cheats, the more you earn a good amount of s-coins. It is the best and easy way to earn more s-coins by completing different types of achievements.

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