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Today everyone is looking for new ways to spend free time, and most of them are playing games. Mobile games are a very famous tool for fun and enjoyments. In recent times millions of online users are also playing mobile games. One of the best mobile games is Operate Now: Hospital. It is full of entrainment, and most of the part is informative for us. It is a game simulator and helping you performing some real surgery. We can learn many of new skills and understand the working of hospital.


The game is RPG based, and you will perform the role of a famous surgeon. Along with operating you need to manage the hospital. You will change some things by adding some new components of the game. While playing the game, we can add, but it is very time consuming so we can go with some Operate Now: Hospital cheats. They are a convenient way and not take too much time and very safe to use.

Easy to manage

It has many kinds of manageable things, so we have to handle all of them. In which you are the owner of the hospital, so you need to maintain all parts of the hospital. Your management skilled pushes you on the high rank in the game. Different types of staff are working in the hospital, and they all are very skilled workers. You can also add some new team if you are needs them and enhance the performance of the hospital.

Caring centers

Caring centers are a very crucial part of the game and where we can treat many types of patients. All the doctors’ teams are always on an active mode in the game. In caring centers, all staff members are present for your help and care. Caring centers are well built and clean, and hygiene is the first things in all the hospital. You can update them by going on operate now: Hospital cheats.



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